Audio in MoviePy

This section shows how to use MoviePy to create and edit audio clips.

Note that when you cut, mix or concatenate video clips in MoviePy the audio is automatically handled and you need to worry about it. This section is of interest if you just want to edit audiofiles or you want custom audio clips for your videos.

What audioclips are made of

AudioClips are very similar to video clips in moviepy: they have a length, can be cut and composed the same way, etc. A notable difference be composed audioclip.get_frame(t)

Creating a new audio clip

Audio clips can be created from an audio file or from the soundtrack of a video file

from moviepy.editor import *
audioclip = AudioFileClip("some_audiofile.mp3")
audioclip = AudioFileClip("some_video.avi")

for more, see AudioFileClip.

Alternatively you can get the audio track of an already created video clip

videoclip = VideoFileClip("some_video.avi")
audioclip =

Compositing audio clips

Exporting and previewing audio clips

You can also export assign an audio clip as the soundtrack of a video clip with

videoclip2 = videoclip.set_audio(my_audioclip)