So you want to install OpenCV 2.4.6 ?¶

OpenCV is very optional, its installation is not always simple and I found it to be unstable, be warned ! The installation seems easy for Windows. On linux, here is what I found on the Internet:

  • Remove any other version of OpenCV if you installed it through a package manager.

  • Unzip the source code of OpenCV 2.4.6 in some folder. open a terminal in this folder.

  • Make a new directory and go into this directory:

    mkdir release
    cd release
  • Run cmake. Here is the line I used:

  • Run make. This may take a few minutes (15 minutes on my computer).

  • Finally, install.

    sudo make install

And voilà !

You can check if it worked by opeing a Python console and typing

import cv2
print cv2.__version__

Advice: do not throw your release folder away. If later you have strange bugs with OpenCV involving .so files, just redo the sudo make install step.