FFMPEG tools

Misc. bindings to ffmpeg and ImageMagick.

moviepy.video.io.ffmpeg_tools.ffmpeg_extract_audio(inputfile, output, bitrate=3000, fps=44100)[source]

extract the sound from a video file and save it in output

moviepy.video.io.ffmpeg_tools.ffmpeg_extract_subclip(filename, t1, t2, targetname=None)[source]

Makes a new video file playing video file filename between the times t1 and t2.

moviepy.video.io.ffmpeg_tools.ffmpeg_merge_video_audio(video, audio, output, vcodec='copy', acodec='copy', ffmpeg_output=False, logger='bar')[source]

merges video file video and audio file audio into one movie file output.

moviepy.video.io.ffmpeg_tools.ffmpeg_movie_from_frames(filename, folder, fps, digits=6, bitrate='v')[source]

Writes a movie out of the frames (picture files) in a folder. Almost deprecated.

moviepy.video.io.ffmpeg_tools.ffmpeg_resize(video, output, size)[source]

resizes video to new size size and write the result in file output.