The module regroups functions meant to be used with audio.fx(). Note that some of these functions such as volumex (which multiplies the volume) can be applied directly to a video clip, at which case they will affect the audio clip attached to this video clip. Read the docs of the different functions to know when this is the case.

Because this module will be larger in the future, it allows two kinds of import. You can either import a single function like this:

from import volumex
newaudio = audioclip.fx( vfx.volumex, 0.5)

Or import everything:

import as afx
newaudio = (audioclip.afx( vfx.normalize)
                     .afx( vfx.volumex, 0.5)
                     .afx( vfx.audio_fadein, 1.0)
                     .afx( vfx.audio_fadeout, 1.0))

When you type

from moviepy.editor import *

the module audio.fx is loaded as afx and you can use afx.volumex, etc.


Return an audio (or video) clip that is first mute, then the sound arrives progressively over duration seconds.


Return a sound clip where the sound fades out progressively over duration seconds at the end of the clip.


Loops over an audio clip.


Return a clip whose volume is normalized to 0db.


Returns a clip with audio volume multiplied by the value factor.