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import numpy as np

from moviepy.decorators import requires_duration

[docs]@requires_duration def fadeout(clip, duration, final_color=None): """ Makes the clip progressively fade to some color (black by default), over ``duration`` seconds at the end of the clip. Can be used for masks too, where the final color must be a number between 0 and 1. For cross-fading (progressive appearance or disappearance of a clip over another clip, see ``composition.crossfade`` """ if final_color is None: final_color = 0 if clip.ismask else [0,0,0] final_color = np.array(final_color) def fl(gf, t): if (clip.duration-t)>=duration: return gf(t) else: fading = 1.0 * (clip.duration - t) / duration return fading*gf(t) + (1-fading)*final_color return clip.fl(fl)