EasyAI is an artificial intelligence framework for two-players abstract games such as Tic Tac Toe, Connect 4, Reversi, etc.

It is written in Python and makes it easy to define the mechanisms of a game and play against the computer or solve the game (see A quick example).

Under the hood, the AI is a Negamax algorithm with alpha-beta pruning and transposition tables as described on Wikipedia. It has been written with clarity/simplicity in mind, rather than speed, so it can be slow, but there are fixes (see How To Make The AI Faster).

Contribute !

EasyAI is an open source software originally written by Zulko and released under the MIT licence. It is hosted on Github, where you can submit improvements, get support, etc.

Some ideas of improvements are: AI algos for incomplete information games, better game solving strategies, (efficient) use of databases to store moves, AI algorithms using parallelisation. Want to make one of these happen ?

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