The module regroups functions meant to be used with videoclip.fx().

For all other modifications, we use clip.fx and clip.fl. clip.fx is meant to make it easy to use already-written transformation functions, while clip.fl makes it easy to write new transformation functions.

Because this module is starting to get large and will only get larger in the future, it allows two kinds of imports. You can either import a single function like this:

from import crop
newclip = myclip.fx( vfx.crop, x1=15)

Or import everything:

import as vfx
newclip = (myclip.fx( vfx.crop, x1=15)
                 .fx( vfx.resize, width=200)
                 .fx( vfx.freeze_at_end, 1))

When you type:

from moviepy.editor import *

the module video.fx is loaded as vfx and you can use vfx.colorx, vfx.resize etc.

accel_decel new_duration
blackwhite Desaturates the picture, makes it black and white.
blink Makes the clip blink.
colorx multiplies the clip’s colors by the given factor, can be used
crop Returns a new clip in which just a rectangular subregion of the original clip is conserved.
even_size Crops the clip to make dimensions even.
fadein Makes the clip progressively appear from some color (black by default), over duration seconds at the beginning of the clip.
fadeout Makes the clip progressively fade to some color (black by default), over duration seconds at the end of the clip.
freeze Momentarily freeze the clip at time t.
freeze_region Freezes one region of the clip while the rest remains animated.
gamma_corr Gamma-correction of a video clip
headblur Returns a filter that will blurr a moving part (a head ?) of the frames.
invert_colors Returns the color-inversed clip.
loop Returns a clip that plays the current clip in an infinite loop.
lum_contrast luminosity-contrast correction of a clip
make_loopable Makes the clip fade in progressively at its own end, this way it can be looped indefinitely.
margin Draws an external margin all around the frame.
mask_and Returns the logical ‘and’ (min) between two masks.
mask_color Returns a new clip with a mask for transparency where the original clip is of the given color.
mask_or Returns the logical ‘or’ (max) between two masks.
mirror_x flips the clip horizontally (and its mask too, by default)
mirror_y flips the clip vertically (and its mask too, by default)
painting Transforms any photo into some kind of painting.
resize Returns a video clip that is a resized version of the clip.
rotate Change unit to ‘rad’ to define angles as radians.
scroll Scrolls horizontally or vertically a clip, e.g.
speedx Returns a clip playing the current clip but at a speed multiplied by factor.
supersample Replaces each frame at time t by the mean of nframes equally spaced frames taken in the interval [t-d, t+d].
time_mirror Returns a clip that plays the current clip backwards.
time_symmetrize Returns a clip that plays the current clip once forwards and then once backwards.