MoviePy is a Python module for script-based movie editing. It enables basic operations (cuts, concatenations, title insertions) to be done in a few lines, and can be used for advanced compositing and special effects.

It can read and write to many formats, including animated GIFs.

Let us put together a few demonstration clips (you will find the code for most of these in the Example Scripts):

import os
from moviepy.editor import *
files = sorted( os.listdir("clips/") )
clips = [ VideoFileClip('clips/%s'%f) for f in files]
video = concatenate(clips, transition = VideoFileClip("logo.avi"))
video.to_videofile("demos.avi",fps=25, codec="mpeg4")

MoviePy is an open source software originally written by Zulko and released under the MIT licence. It is hosted on Github, where you can push improvements, report bugs and ask for help.

Very New: there is now a MoviePy forum on Reddit and a mailing list on librelist .

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